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Our standard magic show generally lasts from 45 to 60 minutes. It is an interactive show using volunteers and props that includes magic, comedy, and small scale illusions. This show is generally performed for small to medium sized groups of children, teens and/or adults. It can be performed indoors or at outside events such as birthday, holiday or graduation parties, church or synagogue events, banquets, corporate parties, etc. Balloon Art and/or Face Painting can be added for a nominal fee.


A larger scale show that lasts from 60 to 120 minutes, often includes an intermission, and should be performed on a stage or platform. It can include magic, small and large scale illusions, hypnosis or a combination of all of these. Stage shows include significant use of volunteers and props and are more formal presentations. They are perfect performances for theatres, playhouses, colleges, universities, high schools, etc.


Our hypnosis show lasts approximately 90 minutes. It includes use of props and requires a minimum of 8-12 adult volunteers. It can be performed for small, medium or large size groups, indoors or outside, for private parties or corporate events or as a stage show. While all of our shows are family friendly, this show is most appropriate for teens and adults.


An original "disorder" induced by Magic Mike using the ancient arts of magic and hypnosis. The show opens with the "Trick" portion featuring a comedic bevy of mind-boggling magic and illusions that will have you rolling in the aisles. In the second half, Magic Mike uses volunteers straight from the audience. They forget their own names, think that they are celebrities and compelling them to do a plethora of other outrageous acts, that you'll only see "when pigs fly." He describes the symptoms of this syndrome to include uncontrollable fits of laugher so severe you'll squeal like a pig, frequent urges to stand up and give a raucous applause, and watering eyes, a side-effect of the laughter of course. The show runs approximately 90 to 120 minutes including intermission. It is best when performed on a stage but can be adapted to other venues such as Colleges, Universities and High Schools as well.


Also called close-up, strolling or roaming magic, is performed for individuals or small groups. It can be performed indoors or outside in a stationary location or throughout a venue of any size. It is appropriate for all ages and works well for events where multiple activities are taking place or where people are coming and going such as corporate open houses, graduation parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, etc. Walk-around magic is often used for large scale events lasting full or multiple days, such as convention center events.


Often combined with the Standard Magic Show or Walk-Around Magic Events. However, Balloon Art can be an event in and of itself. It works extremely well for small or large events focusing on children from birthday parties to events at the zoo or convention centers. Magic Mike is known for his crazy balloon hats, signature motorcycles and fruit baskets.


Available to individuals or groups. Mike uses hypnosis, direct suggestion, therapeutic relaxation and aversion techniques to help you quit smoking, lose weight, stop nail biting, decrease anxiety or stress, gain confidence, eliminate fears, or modify a number of other conditions and behaviors. He also teaches you the basics of self-hypnosis and gives you a CD to use at home so you can reinforce what you learn during the session.


Magic Mike is available to teach a variety of Magic Classes for all ages.


Magic Mike can provide consultant services for theatres, special events and individual performers.


Call Magic Mike Productions at 216-780-7031 or 216-624-5627 and ask us how we can help you raise money for you school, theatre, organization or special projects.

**PLEASE NOTE: Most performances are flexible and can be structured to fit your particular needs, venue and budget. All performances include the high standards, professional expertise and unsurpassable quality that define Magic Mike as a performer.