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About Magic Mike

The mesmerizing comedy hypnotist and illusionist Magic Mike, was first inspired to pursue a life of entertainment at age five when he was given a magic kit for Christmas. His interest piqued, he began seeing live performances of magicians, including the world renowned David Copperfield. At a young age he was also inspired by Harry Blackstone Jr. who provided invaluable advise about the entertainment business. From that point forward, determined to achieve similar notoriety, Magic Mike became impassioned with learning more about the craft of illusion and hypnosis. After hours of cultivating his skill, he presented his first performance. The first time I got on stage I was overwhelmed by a plethora of emotions. I was wrought with anticipation, excitement, nervousness and overall contentment.

Furthering his career, Magic Mike became an expert in all areas of live performance. Over the years he also acquired an impressive collection of magic illusions, artifacts and memorabilia including several Houdini heirlooms. Today, Magic Mike is one of the most successful illusionists and hypnotists in Northeast Ohio. In the future I hope to go in a mainstream direction and tour a college and theatre circuit on a national level Magic Mike says.